Make Salisbury Street, Fordingbridge, Safe

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Mike Harley
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The current layout of the central streets of Fordingbridge dates back some 300 plus years, well before motorised transport. In recent times, traffic and parking have become a major problem, particularly in Salisbury Street. Recent developments have added several homes with no parking, whilst access to shops and takeaways presents a further problem, especially in the evenings and overnight.

Parking is currently restricted in some parts to the hours from 6pm to 8am, whilst in others it is restricted altogether by double yellow lines and zigzag markings at the crossing. There is also the need for bus stops on both sides of the road and for safe deliveries to the local businesses.

Sadly, most evenings and overnight the road has vehicles parked, often on both sides creating a difficult chicane. Increasingly, parking violations are occurring in the day time as well. It is particularly dangerous for vehicles travelling south, who regularly have to overtake a long line of parked vehicles, whist unable to see approaching traffic from the roundabout. It is often difficult for the X3 services to get through and might present a real danger if the Fire Service were delayed on a callout.

It is just a couple of hundred metres to the town car park where ample spaces are available, especially during the hours when parking is currently permitted in Salisbury Street. Accidents have happened in this stretch. Imagine a child you know being harmed at the bus stop or at the crossing when parked cars have obscured the view.

A change to parking regulations will affect residents who currently park near their homes and it may be necessary for the council to make provision for their parking needs within the car park to facilitate this change to a safer Salisbury Street. It will also be necessary for the authorities to police the new restrictions.

The implementation of 24 hour parking restrictions and the provision of safe space for deliveries (Delivery Only Bay) would make our town safer. Act now before somebody is injured or killed. If you believe that something must be done to make this road safer, please sign below.