Space for a Television Studio at Fordham University

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Fordham University is a prestigious school, known for its world-class education. It is a wonderful place to be, however, students studying or extracurricularly taking part in broadcast journalism have nowhere to go to practice their skills.

Three years ago, the television studio in Walsh Library was taken out from under us for a reason that is still unknown. It is sitting in the library basement collecting dust and when asked about the space by a journalism student, the library said the studio space is being used for meetings.

(If you think this doesn’t sound right, you’re correct.) Not only is the space closed to students, the Communication and Media Studies faculty cannot get into the studio, either. They are just as confused and frustrated as we are. In light of the Student TV Program revamp, The Ram wrote a piece about how the administration is turning a blind eye to the fact that CMS and the Student TV program needs serious help to stay afloat and how a studio would be the stable element we need. 

The student TV program had taken a hit since the locking of the studio but a group of upperclassmen have worked with Dr. Beth Knobel to bring the program back to life - without the studio. Communications students have been awaiting this opportunity for years as broadcast news and television production is a major interest among the Fordham community.

Right now, the university has allowed us to use the dance studio as our television studio space. A space that is used by at least 5 dance groups and is not a logical space for our program at allr.

We do not have a control room, we do not have controlled lighting because windows let changing natural light in, the production team cannot speak while recording because we must all be in one room together - all in all, this is a major problem. Not to mention, we are encroaching on the space that is meant for the dance groups. That studio space is beneficial to them and they should not have to share with us.

But let’s turn to the bigger picture. Fordham is a well-known school in the center of the media universe. Yet we still do not have a place to practice said media.

As seniors who are less than a month away from graduating, we have had a wonderful opportunity stolen from us and hopes of getting it back completely by the time we leave are gone. But hope is not lost for the undergraduate students who have time left here.

They can still have the resources and space they need to practice this craft. They can still create a reel for potential employers. They can still get a hands-on experience in a studio before breaking into the workforce. They can continue to learn at the high standard the Communications department has been teaching us.

This is not a difficult solution. This is a big campus, there is space for us somewhere - maybe even in the library, where a studio is sitting just waiting to be used. The solution we need is ANSWERS. Why can’t we have our own space? Why can’t we use the library? Why is the Communications and Media Studies Department continuously ignored when they push for their students?

The summer is approaching and Fordham will soon evaluate their funding and consider renovations to the campus. PUT A TELEVISION STUDIO AT THE TOP OF YOUR LIST. Please stop depriving CMS students from such an amazing opportunity to learn and prosper. After all, students majoring in CMS based majors make up the majority of the student population. Fordham College of Rose Hill students are being ignored while elsewhere within the university is getting newer resources (for example: Fordham Law School and Gabelli School of Business).

This is an easy fix. Fix it.  


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