Petition Closed

Ford came out with the MyFord Touch system to integrate several vehicle controls into one cohesive touch screen based infotainment system. This includes bluetooth pairing with your phone to make hands-free calls, controlling the audio system via several inputs all accessible by voice-command, the ability to control separate driver and passenger climate zones via touch/voice command, and the ability to use Ford/Microsoft SYNC to get navigation help, traffic updates, and roadside assistance. An optional fully functional navigation system is also available.

In theory this system is great, it does a lot and voice commands let us keep our eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

In practice it is far less than great. The first two generations were plagued with issues ranging from system crashes to system freezes in which the volume would max out and require the system's fuses to be pulled to stop.

Ford has issued several patches to the system and most recently a full "upgrade" moving to MFT version 3.0. While this system has some obvious improvements in speed and in MOST cases reliability, it's still got major issues that need addressing.

I'm starting this petition to get those with the system on board who have suffered issue after issue with what could be an intuitive system, and for Ford to really buckle down and do something about it. We know they have the resources and we just want a legitimate fix, not a band-aid.

The new system was advertised as being the answer to all our problems, a great speed increase, much improved stability, no system crashes, the whole nine yards. But what we got was not even close. We still suffer bugs every day, as major as system lockups and system crashes like the last generation to everyday replicable problems like audio sources being incorrectly highlighted, or highlighted but not functioning correctly. Several users have also noted that the removal of features such as being able to set favorite pages to be used via steering wheel controls and the removal of some elements of the design such as the outside temperature reading is a let down as well. Users also note their displeasure at the "redesign" of the system, saying that it's a step back in the design department and no longer a modern, aesthetically pleasing system.

A dedicated group of forum-goers have compiled a list of bugs they've found in the system, however minor or major they are, and have actively been seeking Ford's assistance in truly fixing this system. They've compiled their findings on all it takes is clicking the "View All Issues" button to see just how many bugs, big or small, Ford's more passionate customers have found.

In addition to outofmytouch, a visit to the FocusFanatics forum and various other Ford related forums dealing with MFT equipped vehicles will give you further insight into the issues and frustrations of customers who have bought cars equipped with MFT and are having problems even after upgrading.

So I'm starting this petition to say please Ford, get your act together, buckle down and fix this system so that instead of patches and fixes we can start getting features added to the system instead!

Letter to
Ford Motor Company
I just signed this petition in order to inform you (FoMoCo) that the MyFord Touch system you offer in several vehicles and are planning to offer in several more is far from perfect.

Originally it was plagued with stability and usability bugs, and then you promised those issues would be fixed in numerous interviews with several of the people overseeing or having a major part in the "upgrade" of MyFord Touch. Unfortunately these claims of rigorous testing and stability and usability issues being rectified has not come to pass; the system is still affected by numerous bugs and glitches, some easily replicable, some more isolated but no less aggravating.

Please do yourselves and your customers a favor and truly, truly rectify this situation. Don't make us regret spending the money on a car we all truly want to love because you're unwilling to throw some money at making this system extraordinary.

Thank you for your consideration,

Mike Profeta