Forcefully Arrest, Right to Freedom Of expression

Forcefully Arrest, Right to Freedom Of expression

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Why this petition matters

Started by Khupkho Thang

I Mr V KhupkhoThang-m reside at Vengnuam South, New Lamka,Churachandpur 795128 Would like to state  and share the  Incidents that has took  place  in our family and Asking the Community to Raise your voice with me and support me  in every way you can.

Here i state my Problem and the incidents,

Last night at Around 8:30 PM(i.e 8 may 2022) a churachandpur Police entre to my Son mr Pauliankap House who was living with his Family at Mumbai and Arrest Him. Later at the Arrested  of my Son Mr Pauliankap the reason for  why he was Arrested was  known thoroughly, 

My Son Shares/comments a facebook post about his Opinion on Raja Goukhothang Articles in Social media,in which His statement may has Hurt some Group or committe of people,  the comitteee file a complaince against him and they got him arrested.  As Per his and Our family knowledge  The case was so  small we dont think this could lead in arresting people or my son. As we Know  In social media we can share what we think and the social media is also base on facts,    Why they arrest  my son even the law permit to share  what we think is right, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, All this Basic fundamental rights has been taken away from us day to say, Please help us  and Support us.  My sons needs Your Help.

He is still in the Police custody He has a 2 years old child who needs his Father,  THIS arrest can not only leads problem to Mr Pauliankap only, but for his Child also for his Wife also.  Please help us in the release of my Son.

My sons Name:

Mr  Pauliankap  

Spouse: Niang muan kim

Son: Thangjoyful


He is under mumbai Police custody

3,033 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!