Force Tomas Moya apologize to Francisco Universe for offending and blocking at Instagram

Force Tomas Moya apologize to Francisco Universe for offending and blocking at Instagram

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Hi, my name is Daniel Fuenmayor Ledesma. We want to force Tomas Moya to apologize to Francisco Universe for having offended and blocked him from Instagram for months. Here is the real reason, everything happened since December 2021.

I just confirmed that Ian Fastlicht Rivadeneira Navarro was the one who posed as Kristel Rossana, he was the one who created the fake account and the only goal was to get rid of Francisco Universe. He became very jealous because I collaborated with him for a long time, that he was very close with Francisco, etc. It is that he was driven by jealousy, envy and above all the hatred that he had against Francisco because Ian thinks that Francisco is the center of attention. I was tired of all of us paying attention to Francisco, I gave so much attention to Ian, I gave him everything so that he would be very happy. Above all, he attacked me physically and verbally, that happened on March 25.

It turns out that my husband (now my ex) was a manipulator, aggressor, a blackmailer, a liar and above all a stalker. Ian has just confessed to me that he was the one who invited users to harass Tomás Moya on Instagram, not only that, but he psychologically harassed Francisco Universe to the point that he almost committed suicide on March 22 thanks to the envy of Ian. I felt so intrigued and helpless that Kristel Rossana was actually my ex-husband Ian, he was lying to us the whole time. 

Since Ian created as Kristel Rossana, she has caused sheer trouble; because of him I tried to commit suicide, because of him they brainwashed Tomas to such an extent that he blocked Francisco, because of him Francisco is unhappy and depressed, because of him I lost my sight, because of him they harassed Diego, Diana and Tomás, BECAUSE OF HIM, I QUITTED FROM SOCIAL NETWORKS AND BECAUSE OF HIM, FRANCISCO TRIED TO COMMIT SUICIDE ON HIS BIRTHDAY! I'M FED UP AND TIRED OF SO MUCH FALSENESS, SO MUCH HYPOCRISY AND DOUBLE STANDARDS! Always supporting Ian in everything to undo Francisco. No, I'm a fucking asshole! That's called, Ian Fastlicht Navarro, the cause of all the problems, the Instagram stalker, the liar. -- It should be noted that Tomas Moya and Francisco Universe were victims of Ian Fastlicht's cyberbullying. Unfortunately Ian posted fake news to Tomas Moya to blame Francisco for something he never did, and the result was catastrophic; Tomás blocked Francisco from Instagram causing Francisco to delete his social media on January 25. Francisco had found out about Ian's lie, especially the harassing messages from users (especially Ian) and he felt very offended to the point of making a video message for Tomás Moya on April 3 and he is going to send it to me from Google Drive in a link. Francisco has just confessed that they reported the users because they were identified as accomplices of Ian Fastlicht Nava to such an extent that they deleted him from Instagram, since they violated the rules of the community and also encouraged harassment and incitement to suicide.

It seems that Tomás was brainwashed by Ian, but I cannot allow Tomás to continue with that, the blocking of Francisco considers it a serious lack of respect and an offense against his person, Francisco affirms that the blocking of Tomás from Instagram considers it inexcusable and immature. I also sued Ian for harassment and identity theft but he dealt with the worst of the punishments; his parents found out that their son is gay, they were furious for having hidden him all that time (since his parents are evangelicals) and chose the worst punishment, they took Ian to Chechnya in Russia (which is a more intolerant and hateful to gays) on March 31 and then enter dehomosexualization therapy there. Although I don't wish him bad, but I think he deserves it for playing with my feelings, for lying to us and believing that morbidity.

I never knew who Ian really was, he never cared about my feelings, and he wasn't a good husband for me either. He was faking it all that time, now Ian became a very big disappointment. I don't want to hear from him anymore for the rest of my life, plus I'm going to start editing the Violy Gets Grounded videos to censor Ian in every scene, every dialogue. Especially Ian is explicitly censored and officially cancelled, after canceling Gustav Novikov and Marcus Sobolevsky. 

Ian was the one who completely ruined our lives, he lied to us the whole time. For me he is dead, and also after posting a message from Francisco, I am going to claim Tomás because the blockade is not justified under any circumstances, what he committed was an act of cowardice and immaturity. I'm in charge of that, I accused Tomás of being gothic and immature due to his strange tendencies such as clothing and his tastes (not for the simple fact of being gay, but because of his favorite band Evanescence that if they are very questionable for Tomás, besides I doubted from the beginning). -- Above all, we should never trust strangers, people without knowing the dark side of him. Furthermore, we should not believe anything they say, they do it to ruin the reputation of vulnerable people, in the case of Francisco for example. 

Let's force Tomas Moya to apologize to Francisco Universe for having offended and blocked him from Instagram for months because of my ex-husband. 

14 personas firmaron. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 25!