Force Automobile Manufactures to send safety recall notices by registerd mail and fines

Force Automobile Manufactures to send safety recall notices by registerd mail and fines

September 11, 2022
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Started by Giorgio Cisilino

I found out 27 years after that there was a recall on seatbelt extractors and even though i brought car in to same dealership for almost10yrs, and  they  failed to notify me of this major safety issue, and put my life aswell as my 5yr old adaugter and passengers, in potential harms way and possible death and was truly shocked to hear.

The incident i reported to GM  was when i was driving the vehicle on the highway and my car died, and the driver side seat belt locked up and had tremendous difficulty trying to unbuckle the  seat belt and frantically  struggled to  unbuckle the locked up belt,for several seconds and then to jump out the passenger window as i could not unlock the driver door or passenger.As there was  no power and  could not open the drivers door,but was lucky the passenger window was down so i  jumped out the passenger window and onto the road surface.  This section of the highway is just after a long straight stretch and car stalled on the lower part  of  a blind  corner, and this is a major thorough fare into our town.

Once i was out of the vehicle proceeded  to flag down motorists, so they would not get into a crash as they would not be able  see the vehicle, and since there was no power the emergency flashers did not work to deter oncoming motorist.

It was also suprising that the car manufacturers customer care line was  not very concerned,and was told that were happy that i was not hurt and   have a nice summer! Also, neither  concerned that the belt locked up and that they failed to send a  safety recall notice on the  seatbelt retractors,prior to this incident  and it's is retractors which it's their responsibility to send out recall notices .

I've found out that 10,000 cars of the same make were affected from 1984 -1990, and i have spoke  to other owners and they also  unaware of this recall,and never recieved a recall notice either.

  Not sure why,but  seems to be an epidemic,  when manufactures fail to send out recall notices or inform owners of safety recalls, and everyday  we hear or read on the news that there are recalls  on  Automobiles on a daily basis,and unless owners are informed of notices i feel it truly puts the general motoric public and pedestrians at risk. and this should not be that way.

Also, it would be in the public interest in regards to safety that Transport Canada, or legislation and penalities to: force Automible manufactures to send out Registered letters  with the  Recalls ,aswell as records of all  documentation and dates sent.

Also when vehicles were repaired and thus be stored by the manufacture and Agencies like ICBC, and other insurance companies, as right now the system in place is unsatifactory.

As in Japan owners of vehicles are not allowed to reinsure vehicles until safety recalls are fixed and in this way eveyone is safer on the roads and puts the onus of the manufacture to fix these  defects in a timely manner and makes sure they are done.

In the USA , NHTSA in the United states does a far better job ,whereas Transport Canada is unwilling to implement  or fine comapanies in non compliance, and has done a unsatisfactory  job so far and one can make up so many laws but unless they enforce the laws, there is no teeth to address safety issues in terms of safety recall.

In addition I feel that after talking to Transport Canada's complaints officer for recalls and safety, I have  lost  respect and trust with Transport Canada to do the right thing ,in regards to safety.

As there was  an article stating that in the case of the faulty Chevy Cobalts,ignition people died ,even though  they were aware of this several month earlier,and had they informed the public ,the owners of thes vehicles perhaps those that lost their life would still be alive or a simple cheap part that was defective in design.

So this is why i feel it is Imperative for Canadian Government organizations,and politicians  forcing the Automotive manufactures , implement Sending out Registerd Letters informing the customer of any safety recalls or defects,therefore it assures  customers and owners will recieve  notices in a timely manner and not like i found out 27 yrs latter which is simply unaceptable,as this put me and my loved ones in danger,for no other reason that somehow a very important seatbelt extractor recall  was never recieved and, neither did the dealership tell me about,and with all the dates i took my car in for servicing they failed to advise me which is absurd to say the least. In closing i've got all documents to prove my point.

  Furthermore  i feel owners of vehicles lives are at risk if changes are not made , and we should all sign this petition so that this never happens to anyone else, and thus keep everyone that drives a vehicle and families safe.

Also, it would help our cause to write to your local MLA as i have already done so and other governing bodies as this is a very important safety issue.



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Signatures: 12Next Goal: 25
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