フォーブス記事訂正と謝罪要求 Forbes! Correct the article, Apologize



Mr. Eamonn Fingleton of Forbes wrote an article concerning to the civil suit on the Statue of Comfort Women erected last July 2013 in Glendale City CA USA. (Forbes 4/13/2014, under the title “‘Disgusting!,’ Cry Legal Experts: Is This The Lowest A Top U.S. Law Firm Has Ever Stooped?”  http://goo.gl/gojMNL) The principal point at issue of the suit does not exist in the verification of the historical truth on the comfort women system but in the competence of the municipal government. The USA Constitution prohibits the local governments to take side with any party at the international disputes. Glendale City takes side with Korea with the inscription on the monument next to the Statue. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvQ_kdv5z00) Nobody can deny that the Comfort Women Issue is an international dispute principally between Japan and Korea. Nevertheless Mr. Fingleton didn’t mention this point of the suit and denies the controversial situation saying that,

“On the basis of 27 years of on-the-spot Japan-watching in Tokyo, I can report that Mayer Brown’s suggestion that the facts “remain an active topic of political debate” is sheerest sophistry. (1)There are no two sides to this issue and (2) no decent Japanese citizen I have ever met questions the validity of  the comfort women’s allegations. Anyone who does has a manipulative agenda and doesn’t believe a word he is saying.” (The numbers, (1) and (2) were added by the promoter of this campaign.)

The (1) is an absolute misunderstanding. The reasons why are;

1, Japanese Yomiuri Journal, having the largest subscribers in Japan, in an article on May 15, 2013, criticized Japanese Asahi Journal which diffused wrong information on the forcibility of prostitution at the war (comfort women) and fabricated articles on the comfort women issue that Women volunteer corps at the war was a forcible prostitution system for Japanese Imperial Army.

2, Oct. 16, 2013, Sankei journal scooped the report of interviews of 16 Korean former comfort women done in 1993 by Japanese government, which has not been open in public, based for Kono Statement and disclosed that there was no cross-examination in the interview and the allegations are contradictory in some aspects and incomplete.

3, More than 160,000 signatures ,during only two months, March and April in 2014, to demand to revise Kono Statement was submitted to the Japanese government.


4, More than 120,000 signature of the petition to the White House of USA to remove the Comfort Women Statue in Glendale City was collected during just one month.

The appearances of these articles and the considerable signatures indicate that half of the Japanese nation at least doubt the validity of the allegations and that the situation is nationally and internationally quite disputable.Then, Mr. Fingleton suggested his opinion that people who doubt the validity of the testimonies are not “decent” (2). He means that half of the Japanese nation at least is not decent. This is a discriminative prejudice.

Furthermore his article might intervene to the freedom of contract between clients and lawyers, and violate the independence of Justice.

So, we strongly demand correction of the article and apology.

Refusal or non- response amounts to self-acknowledgement that Forbes is a third-class journal. 

フォーブスの記者イーモン・フィングルトン氏は、昨年6月米国カリフォルニアのグレンデール市に設置された慰安婦像の訴訟についての記事を書きました。(Forbes 4/13/2014, under the title “‘Disgusting!,’ Cry Legal Experts: Is This The Lowest A Top U.S. Law Firm Has Ever Stooped?”  http://goo.gl/gojMNL) この訴訟は、歴史の真実がどうであるのかということについて争うものではなく、地方政府に慰安婦像設置を許可する権限があるのかどうかというのが主な争点になっています。というのは、米国憲法は国際的紛争になっている案件に関しては地方政府が関与することを禁止しているのですが、正に国際的争点になっている内容そのものが慰安婦像の脇に設置されたモニュメントに書かれており、これはグレンデール市が一方の当事国の主張(韓国)に同意加担していることを意味しているからです。(テキサスおやじ動画https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvQ_kdv5z00)


“私は27年間東京にいたので、日本側弁護を請け負ったメイヤーブラウン法律会社が「日本ではこの慰安婦問題は依然アクティブな時事問題となっている」と言っているが、これはうそだとわかる。(1)この問題について日本の世論は分かれていない。(2)私が知っている穏健で良識的な人はすべて慰安婦証言の有効性を否定していない” (注:(1)と(2)は本署名活動発信者が附記)













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