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Sign this petition to signal your dissatisfaction about having another petition - signed by tens of thousands in good faith - hijacked by Gordon Brown and The Labour Party.

Hi folks.

Why is it important? Because your good intentions have been purloined. Its not clear who initially set up the 38 Degrees petition, We do know that after ~80,000 people signed it, Gordon Brown lept upon it for his and The Labour Party's own serpentine ends.

Many people voted No because of the so-called vow made only days before the independence referendum. That Vow was a contrivance of Gordon Brown and The Daily Record, since then, both have induced people to sign a petition compelling them to keep a vow they themselves made.

That topped with the notion it was never their petition to begin with.

I can't verify if those who sign this petition signed the other one, but I thought you might like to note your chagrin anyway.

38 Degrees petition page:

Daily Record link - which I rather hope you won't follow:

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  • For those who signed the 38 Degrees petition usurped by Gordon Brown & The Daily Record.

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