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Petition against Seemal Kamran's anti-music resolution in the Punjab Assembly, Pakistan. 

Letter to
Chief Minister Punjab and Punjab Assembly
We have drafted the following statement, with a short list of demands, to voice our concerns with respect to the attitude of certain members of the Punjab Assembly towards music and the arts. We request you to sign this petition and join us as part of a representative delegation to meet with the Chief Minister to put forward our point of view. This statement will also be sent to the Press and we shall be grateful if you sign it and support music and the arts.


We, the musicians of Pakistan, wish to bring to the attention of the public that as a community of artists we feel aggrieved by the recent resolution passed by the Punjab Assembly banning "objectionable concerts" in educational institutions across Punjab. We feel that this is part of a continuing negative predisposition towards the arts in general, and music in particular, that can be found amongst a section of the political establishment in the province. This resolution forms a link in a chain of policies and attitudes that have discouraged and even destroyed the culture of our society. We also hold that the high entertainment tax imposed upon performances in the province and the need to obtain a No-Objection Certificate (NOC), even for small performances, have stifled the ability of artists to directly connect with the people. We propose the following measures:

1. Striking down Seemal Kamran's resolution in the Punjab Assembly and in its stead the approval of a resolution that the Punjab government will support cultural activity, including music, all over the province.

2. Repeal of the entertainment tax for performances with an audience of less than 500 people per staging.

3. The repeal of the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for performances of less than 500 people per staging.

4. To provide subsidy and funds for the promotion of the arts and culture.

5. To encourage the use of auditoriums, halls, and other facilities meant for cultural events on generous terms as part of a promotion of the arts and culture.

6. The provision of health, safety, and security measures for performances in public and private venues.

Last but not least, we artists and musicians request a meeting with the Honorable Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif to discuss these concerns.


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