For the End of Wild Marine Animals Shows

For the End of Wild Marine Animals Shows

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Activistas Animalistas de La Costa lanzó esta petición dirigida a Comisión Unicameral de Legislación General (Senado de la Nación Argentina, Comisión Unicameral de Legislación General) y



Argentine campaign that accompanies the Bill for the End of Captive Marine Animal Shows, submitted on July 6 2022 in the Senate of the Argentine Nation,  File S-1577/22.

It is the result of the joint work of various organizations and lawyers for animal rights, carried out for more than a decade.

This petition was launched in the year 2015 for the liberation and rehabilitation of Kshamenk, the Orca.

At present, the organizations Activistas Animalistas de La Costa”, “Proyecto Galgo Argentina”, “Equipo Judicial Sandra, activists, lawyers and independent animalists are working together with the purpose of updating and gathering enough information on marine animals and their recognition as subjects of rights, their emotional and social intelligence, their captivity, and their possibility of rehabilitation. (That’s how we founded DAM Derechos Animales Marinos).

We ask for your signature to put an end to marine shows and exhibitions, so that they can be rehabilitated and transferred to MARINE SANCTUARIES

They deserve the opportunity to leave exhibition, forced reproduction, training for tricks, poor nutrition, artificial water, enclosure, confinement, submission and slavery in the past.

Aquariums are just enterprises that benefit economically from generating a huge detriment to animal life. They don’t provide any type of educational, scientific or conservationist contribution to society.

Kshamenk’s story:

Kshamenk, the mail orca, is among those who suffer the consequences of their exploitation in entertainment shows. He was subtracted from his natural habitat, the sea, and has been kept in captivity, trained, utilized, exploited and exhibited for shows since 1992. He also suffered the extraction of his genetic material through invasive and cruel practices, which was then commercialized and exported without there being any regulations on it.

Kshamenk’s reality is the same that other marine animal species (dolphins, sea ​​lions, penguins, sea turtles) live in aquariums that put on shows instead of looking to rehabilitate and take them back to their natural habitats. They cause these sentient beings a lot of harm and suffering.

It is estimated that there were 223 marine animals in captivity in the two biggest oceanariums in the country in the year 2019.

Zoos are closing and land animals are being transferred in the wake of a social demand that activated the political will in Argentina. The time has come to do the same for aquariums and think about marine animals.

This campaign receives international support from the biggest and most prestigious foundations for protection and fight for the freedom of cetaceans:

■ The Whale Sanctuary Project, Canadá
■ Dolphin Project de Ric O'Barry, USA
■ Orca Network de Howard Garrett, USA
■ OPS The Oceanic Preservation Society, USA
■ Empty The Tanks Campaña internacional
■ SOSDelfines de Faada, España
■ Promar SOS Fauna Marina, España
■ La Dolphin Connection, Francia
■ Voice 4 Animals, Canadá
■ C´est Assez !, Francia
■ Gac - la page - Groupe anti captivité, Francia
■ Empty The Tanks Portugal, Portugal
■ Keiko The Untold Story, Portland USA
■ One Whale Org, Noruega

0 personas firmaron. ¡Ayudá a conseguir 1.000.000!
Con 1.000.000 firmas, esta petición se convierte en una de las más firmadas en