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A Petition to restore the Constitution Act of the Commonwealth of Australia

We the People, being Lawful Subjects of Her Most Excellent Majesty Queen Elizabeth II; Her Heirs and Successors; under the Supreme Authority of Almighty God; by virtue of Our Will and Allegiance to same as loyal Subjects of the Commonwealth of Australia and in Satisfaction and Accordance with Chapter 61 of the Magna Carta and the Constitution Act of the Commonwealth of Australia (1900) including the Preamble; which grants to Us the Authority to act; Do by Our hand make known Our Will to the Unlawful Parliament of Australia; it’s Members and Senators; including  Judges Justices Magistrates and any and all other officers and representatives and any others operating in a role capacity as employees of the Australian Government; Parliament of Australia and the State Parliaments thereof and any and all other Corporate Agency; Entity or Company thereof; through this petition; by Our Resolve; demand the immediate restoration of the Lawful Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia; including New Zealand and all other Territories in Her Majesty’s possession; it’s assets and interests; pecuniary and otherwise; and that all aforementioned Persons under contract to those corporations operating ultra vires and against Our Constitution Act and against Our Will take the Lawful Oath of Allegiance as given in the Schedule of that Lawful Act of the British Parliament or else remove themselves forthwith from their various roles and or occupations under threat of Criminal prosecution in Satisfaction and Accordance with all Federal Commonwealth Laws and Penalties currently operating at this time so help Us God.

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