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For Peat's sake! Stop the burning & development on peat! #XtheHaze

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Sign the petition to protect peatland and stop the haze!

Indonesia has established the Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) to lead restoration of developed peatland - preventing another cycle of peat fires. Previously, President Joko Widodo has made a strong indication of the strengthening government policy in the management of peatland, including no issuance of new licenses for development in peatland.

These are commendable actions - but they need to be continuously supported! Sign the petition to support:

  • peatland restoration,
  • a moratorium / ban to development on peatland,
  • and improved legislation to protect the peatland.

Stop the burning, for peat’s sake! 

PROTECTING PEAT TO #ChangeClimateChange
Sumatra’s peat swamps play a major role in regulating global climate. Together with other peat swamps in Indonesia, they act as “carbon sinks”, storing more carbon dioxide (CO2, the main gas responsible for climate change), per unit area than any other ecosystem. Peatlands stores up to 30 times more carbon than the forest above them.

During parts of September and October 2015 the average daily emissions from the forest fires in Indonesia were higher than US emissions – an economy 10 times the size of Indonesia. In a period of just 6 weeks, Indonesia was catapulted to the fourth-largest emitter in the world.

Fires on peatland produce much more smoke than fires on other soil. While all burning must stop, the burning of peatland is a major reason for the haze in South East Asia.

#togetherpossible #XtheHaze

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