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For PBS And Their UK Partners To Host A BFI Style Poldark Event & Improve US PR

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Dear PBS, Rebecca Eaton and Mammoth Screen,

I am a passionate Poldark fan. I'm writing on behalf of the North American Poldark fans who are feeling left behind in comparison to our UK counterparts. I am using the term North American because there are a lot of Poldark fans in Canadian border cities who support PBS affiliates with donations and attending events.

I would love to be able to attend a US fan event like the BFI panel, and get the chance to watch some of the actors answer questions and interact with the fans. I know many other North American fans who would jump at the opportunity to attend an event like this. As you may know, the leads in Poldark, Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson both starred in the film "Loving Vincent". This film is premiering in New York on September 22nd, 2017 and LA on September 29th, 2017, dates which are very close to the US S3 Premiere of Poldark. I hope you will make the most of this opportunity and consider organizing a US premiere or a BFI Style panel. It would be an incredible opportunity for all of the North American fans. And as a plus, I'm sure that the actors would appreciate not having to face the usual questions that UK journalists usually ask them. And if you can get the actors to come to the US, why wouldn't you film them for your telethons? Why not consider skyping in or inviting some of the other Poldark 2015 cast members or even Robin Ellis for telethons as well? Or perhaps run S1 and S2 marathons before S3 premieres?

Season 3 of Poldark was very positively received by the UK critics and UK fans. I hope that PBS makes the most of their opportunities to present Poldark to the critics and to promote Poldark to the wider viewing population, similar to the kind of PR campaign that Victoria received earlier this year. I'm also hopeful that you will adjust your approach to social media for the US fans. We certainly notice it when the UK fans are given links to clips which we can't see, or have the chance to win signed items.

Poldark is enjoyed by many, many fans all over North America. We oftentimes feel ignored and left out. I hope you "hear us" and start to plan events for us, increase promotion for the show and adjust your social media strategy. I hope you take the time to engage with a very passionate fan base and do right by us. I know if you end up implementing some of these suggestions, I will be happy to increase my contributions to my local PBS station.


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