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Support HINDI as a world language at Palo Alto Unified School District(PAUSD) high schools

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Palo Alto residents and PAUSD families (only): Please sign this petition if you think Hindi would be an asset to the Palo Alto high school curriculum or if your child would be interested in taking Hindi as a world language in high school at Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD).

Why should Hindi be added to the curriculum?

1.  Currently, Hindi is not offered as a world language at PAUSD High Schools.

a. Every year, many children in Palo Alto learn Hindi and take advantage of after-school Hindi programs offered at the elementary and middle schools. In high school, when given a choice of taking a world language, as part of their school curriculum (during school hours), interested children do not have the option to continue this formal education at their schools, since Hindi is not one of the world languages offered.

b. Many students, interested in studying Hindi for credit, currently use after school hours (and pay a fee) to gain these credits.

If Hindi is made an official part of the high school curriculum, it can be learned during school hours, creating less stress after school.

2. Many Palo Alto residents want their children to learn Hindi formally.

a. Learning the language for three to four years at a level of high school language will direct the students towards reading, writing, understanding, and speaking Hindi proficiently.

b. A very important aspect of learning a language is also about getting to know the history, culture, and heritage of the region it is spoken in. A formal education in Hindi will help children connect better to the South Asian culture and heritage, since culture and language go hand-in-hand.

3. Social connection

Children of South Asian heritage and from countries such as Mauritius, Fiji, Surinam, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago could find a new way to connect with each other and their culture, which might improve their social and emotional well-being.

4. Did you know Hindi is the most spoken language in India, fourth in the world (only after Mandarin, Spanish, and English), and used by over 450 million people around the world?

Adding Hindi to the list of world languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, French, Japanese, American Sign Language, and German is a matter of prestige for the school district and will enrich the PAUSD language curriculum. It will also allow more choice for students, to not only learn yet another language, but also explore a rich culture and heritage, and understand the pulse of one of the fastest growing economies.

5.  Broadening horizons

Today our world is a smaller place, where being familiar with different cultures and cuisines and knowing a language like Hindi proves to be a useful and helpful skill to have. It makes a person broad-minded and allows one to start and hold conversations about diverse topics. Hindi language proficiency can connect the language with many other aspects of South Asia that people world over are starting to appreciate – Classical and Bollywood music, Yoga, Sanskrit, variety of cuisines, different festivals (Diwali, Holi and Eid are being celebrated globally these days).

6. Asset at work place

With the growing role of India in the global economy, Hindi has become an important world language for the next generation, not only for children with Indian heritage but also for non-Indian children, who might become leaders in the business world or handle national affairs in the future.

7. Credentialed teachers are available

If Hindi gets added to the school curriculum, Madhu Bhasha Kendra, (MBK- an already established and accredited Hindi program, recognized by PAUSD, is willing to provide full support in writing the curriculum outline and providing qualified credentialed Hindi teachers. They have helped establish a teacher credential program for Hindi teachers at CSU East Bay, and written the California Subject Exam for Teachers (CSET) Hindi part II for qualified teachers to prove their proficiency, and add Hindi to their credentials.

Please sign the petition and forward it to friends and relatives at PAUSD or living in Palo Alto. We need to show as much support as we can for adding Hindi in the high schools. {We ONLY need signatures from residents of Palo Alto and PAUSD families}



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