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All around the world, largely out of public view, thousands of small NGOs help protect our planet’s natural resources. The daily work of these small organizations is carried out quietly and on limited means, yet their countless achievements compliment and bolster the work of large environmental and humanitarian organizations.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of support, many are forced to abandon their projects and go under, taking with them the hopes of a community. It is vital to preserve each country’s network of community associations and preserve the spirit of goodwill. Acting under the long term guidance of local leaders, we can contribute to the preservation of places and to the greater well-being of populations.


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What business isn’t concerned with a respect for the environment and an image of solidarity?

True, yet only the largest companies have the means to link their name to identifiable operations. Indeed, budgets for projects undertaken by big humanitarian organizations are often inaccessible to small and medium-sized businesses, as they are oversized and include considerable overhead. Further, they are inundated by a number of other projects and thus have considerable less impact in terms of image for the partnering business.

What person has never at least once wanted to offer a hand to an NGO?

Among those who try, a number of highly motivated candidates get refused. Inadequate degrees, unsuitable professional experience, scheduling issues, etc, are some justifiable reasons some are turned away. Big organizations are overwhelmed by applicants and surround themselves only with highly qualified professionals because they have the financial capabilities to do so and their work-load matches the scale of their brand image.

What about these thousands of small unknown NGOs, working in every country around the world, achieving beneficial impacts on populations and nature?

Without the means to communicate on a large scale, small NGOs are most often interested in outside help, whether through fundraising or by working with them locally in areas as varied as health, development, training, science, agriculture, water distribution, etc. If the financial aid received allows only for limited pay, they can often, for example, offer in-kind benefits such as lodging, food, means of transportation and Internet access.

They are also in need of materials and equipment to make their work possible.

And last but not least, their projects rest on concrete realities and are very often affordable for a small or medium-sized business to finance.

You can help them by spreading the word,
You can help them by offering your time or a donation through our Website,
And you can also help them by making a donation to PLANET'NGO: in this way, you give these small associations better access to support. Thus, the innumerable local actions that they set up every day in their communities can continue, increase in number and gain in quality.

Thank you for your attention and your concern!

Kind regards,

Caroline Herbert
Communication Manager