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For more Diversity: We need Emojis with Disabilities!

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Waving hands in all skin tones, same-sex couples or faces with headscarves – plenty of Emojis shall already illustrate equality in society. Still, the Emoji-diversity stops when it comes to the point of "disability". We want this to change! World-wide, over a billion people live with some form of disability. These people form a large part of our society – which must be visible in the world of Emojis as well.

Input to reflection for everyone

Emojis with disabilities can provide food for thought for all of us. It is a sign of appreciation for people with disabilities standing in the midst of society. We can and should treat them openly. Blogger Kim Elena do Calvário Moqenco describes it clearly: "I've been thinking so many times when writing a WhatsApp-message: 'How gladly I would like to express myself realistically – and that is not only my brown hair. No, I would love to represent myself as a woman with a disability and brown hair – because this is who I am.' "

Support us!

In order to strengthen Kim and all the other persons with disabilities we have submitted a proposal for inclusion of new characters in the Unicode Standard to the Unicode Consortium – the organization which develops, extends and promotes the use of the Unicode Standard. Our aim with this petition: Emojis with disabilities shall be added to the Unicode Standard. To get an idea of how they look like, check out our Inklumojis. You can already install the Inklumoji-App on your smartphone.

Aktion Mensch is the largest private social funding organization in Germany. We want to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities, children and young people and thereby support the natural interaction in society.

By signing this petition, you support our aim and give a stronger voice to us. Let us stand up together for more diversity in the Emoji-world!

We are convinced: Emojis can illustrate inclusion naturally und show people with disabilities as who they are – a natural part of society and also of communication.

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