Powerful ways to prevent global warming

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Powerful ways to prevent global warming

Fossil fuels currently in use "Coal, petroleum, natural gas, methane high grade, etc." all emit CO2 during burning and are promoting global warming abruptly and tremendously. A new energy generation system that is very useful for preventing global warming is to "electrify and refine" inexpensively "magnesium in the sea" described below and for the CO 2 emission 0, "magnesium" is supplied as needed to supply ripples in urban areas Distributed generation will be possible in the town and mountainous areas without power. As for handling "magnesium" as long as it is not in the powder, it can be stored with a convenient transportation method that is not comparable to fossil fuels. For that reason, the current electricity usage charge is a cheaper charge of about 8 Japan yen / Kwh (1/3 of the current electricity usage fee). Please read this post and certainly cooperate in realizing this system.
"We are promoting global warming abruptly and tremendously.

As soon as possible, "Earth warm face m
Magnesium, which is buried in the ocean, is actually 1,800 trillion tons, and if it is used in the same amount as the existing fossil fuel, it will be available for 100,000 years in the future. CO2 emission is 0 when burning magnesium. Rather, existing CO2 in the air can be absorbed and treated during combustion. Also, magnesium reacts with water and reacts with water when it is made into powder, a small mass, but recently studies on the magnesium metallic feature have progressed, and magnesium which does not burn even at the flammable temperature also 1800 appears, unless it is made into a powder or a small lump It was. Therefore, if mass-produced inexpensive magnesium is mass produced in this system, the new magnesium civilization (daily necessities with magnesium alloy technology, distributed electric power source, space aircraft, medical equipment, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, agricultural products) will bloom and general Social life will change. The common advantage is safety, security, inexpensive and stable magnesium usage. Also, with magnesium-based power generation that does not emit CO2, it becomes possible to substitute existing fossil fuel-fired power plants. By using Magnesium of the sea for the power generation resource of your country, the global new energy can be solved in the future without relying on other countries. Eliminating the powerless areas in the world brings a bright hope for a new human life.
Resources and technologies of this new "ocean magnesium-based power generation system" can be realized in all countries. Let's make this system realize by cooperating people in the world to be able to cover themselves with "ocean magnesium-based power generation system" as the basic energy of the future citizen life. !
Let's build a new society revival with the survival of a new world human being by securing "safe, secure, cheap and stable" electric power. Establishment of this technology development can spread to the world in a short time with excellent technology and experience in Japan.

Contact address; def-osaka@kmf.biglobe.ne.jp
              URL; www.d-e-f.co.jp
          Representative; Shigekatsu Hanai



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