Demand for Men's Commission ..

Demand for Men's Commission ..

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Shivanee Patil started this petition to For making people aware about the need of this commission

Today everyone is just  focusing on women  empowerment,  women security  and everything in  favour of Women!!!! ! But what about men!!!!  Everywhere we  count women  and the  other section as  general. .... No man or  men's  section !! why ? It's time for men's to demand for their rights. ...

 If being a woman I can  think in favour of men  .. Then  why  can't men rise  their voice for their right. 

"Men will be Men” Men’s are cruel! Men’s are bad! They have no emotions! they are bad in nature, there is no heart in them” 'how dare if a Men’s small finger even touched me in the crowd?’ Men’s are the body in which devil hides

      Men’s are this! Men’s are that and the only result for Men is “they are bad”. The only thought about Men is "They are negative" from starting of the human society. Women’s has taken that soft and safe corner of advantage and have  placed  Men on the stage where there is always a tag for them of being bad. It is a mindset that women are innocent and loving and loving and Men’s are strong emotionless and cruel.

 After reading this below paragraph may the scenario and thinking will start changing.

  We can take small only one or two example as to prove this thing wrong the “Men will be Men”. And we will start thing a little bit in favor of that creature who ways think in our “women’s” favor.

The first example would be a “local train’s” example1:- I am a daily local train traveler. I have noticed one thing maybe we all have noticed but not thought about it. And that thing is the names given to the “Coaches” in local trains and what are they? They are “ladies” and the other one is “General” did you notice that it ladies and General!!  So no special coach for “gents”!  And in General coach always. “Men” the devil has to stand like a statue! In a proper way! Don’t matter who much crowd is there because the only thing matter there is that even his hand’s small hair should not touch a woman or girl because if such thing happens it is loudly declared by the women as he is trying on me! And after that our Men crowd only will start troubling the Men WHO are actually harassing that women an accidental touch of hand or hand hair! And the crowd which is troubling that Men for this women are still selfish and cruel because they are Men……

 I am not saying that “no Men or women are bad” but the only thing I what to say is “every Men or women are not bad “.

The second example would be our fundamental right – “right of equality” and “women reservation” and “cruel Men”.

50% benefits for men's and 50% for women 

But in the practical world, the scenario changes as the thing called reservation gets added and it became as following

 “Men” is replaced by the word “General” and the reservation of 33% for women is given in that “General” section and the figure changes as following:-

50% women , 33% womens reservation ,13% general ( not men's) 

And still after this always women’s protest as being weak, dominated by Men and always claims for justice. Are we doing justice with Men’s? I THINK “NO” and now even you may be thinking the same.

   So it especially for Men’s “it's your time to stop showing the world you are strong! No need! No emotions! PROTEST FOR IT! AND THINK ON A DIFFERENT SPECIAL SCENARIO FOR YOU …… Demand for Men’s commission now.

     Being a girl if I can think for you (Men’s) why wouldn’t you help yourself!

Stop being counted in General demand for “Gents” or “Men” be special because you are special.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!