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for KING & COUNTRY plays Super Bowl Halftime Show

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This country has had a lot of troublesome times in the most recent years. With pop culture and media taking a big turn in the wrong direction, we have chosen some "icons" for Super Bowl halftime shows and have been not only unentertained, but also have felt disappointed. Where is the wholesome entertainment? So I propose this: instead of choosing another washed up band that is just going to advertise their political agenda (and Pepsi). Let's have the Multi-Grammy winning pop duo For King & Country perform! Not only do they have a spectacular live show highlighted by their energetic and flashy frontmen Joel and Luke, but they also have very talented and versitile band members in Ben, Stephen, Timmy, Vince, Mark, and Blake. This group not only puts on an amazing show, but also quite the visual effects show as well, with Daniel Smallbone as the amazing coordinator of Lumina Design. So not only would they bring an electric atmosphere of a show, but play wholesome and meaningful songs dedicated to the Lord. After all, that is what this country was founded on, right? We're all American here, God, Football, and Patriotism. Think I still didn't prove my point? American Songwriter magazine called them "Australia's answer to Coldplay." Hey, Coldplay can perform the Halftime show. So why not For King & Country? I can promise that the NFL would not regret the decision of having them perform. They would be an instant hit. 

So what I am asking for in this webpage is a petition to be signed by 5,000 individuals who would really like to be entertained during the Super Bowl. If you want to be wholesomely entertained and you want to spread the message of the Lord to many Americans, please give this petition a sign! Once completed, it will be sent to both the band For King & Country themself, and the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, as well as the NFL committee. Thank you and have a blessed day! 

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