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In October 16th 2018 For Honor from Ubisoft released a new set of heroes in the new Wu Lin Faction. Between all those new heroes one hero stands out from the rest. This Hero is Jiang Jun, a heavy from the Wu Lin Faction. This new hero is started to become popular when people started finding out how easy it is to use but hard to master. but because of this easy to use, a lot of people have been buying it. It's 'Alien' movement really confuse many old player. Some people might just said learn to fight this hero, but the reality is when you understand how to fight it a lot of people still find it difficult to defeat it. it's fast heavy attack and easy combos makes it a favorite among trolls. it's light attack have crazy damage. Since it is still a heavy it has decent amount of health and of it's ability also caused him to regen most of his health and the allies around  him in breach modes. This hero is more so over-powered when it is brought to high ranking, or when For Honor's  matchmaking failed and gave high tiers to lower tiers, in this case the lower tiers almost have no chance in fighting back. Supporting this fact is also many people's opinion towards this hero have been mostly support the nerf movement with many for honor youtube channels dissing this hero for being overpowered. With all those factors combined we sincerely think Jiang Jun needs to be nerfed and please sign this if you also think so. Nerfing this hero would balance the game more with the current Jiang Jun user in mind. Photo source from Youtube Gingy