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Counter Strike: Global Offensive no ban after being kicked by teammates !

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This is a petition for changing the CSGO ban system. Today, 27/04/2017 I've played my first match in one week after being banned 7 days before this (20/04/2017 until 27/04/2017) for quitting a match because something important (real life stuff) happened.

I got kicked because my internet connection went down JUST ONCE (and it worked perfectly before and after) and in this whole time, I was the top fragger in our team. I agree with being kicked and get banned for 30 mins, 2 hours, 24 hours or 7 days after you've made griefing and team-killing but to get banned AGAIN 7 days after just one half of a match because you get kicked by stupid teammates who can't understand the fact that your internet connection HAD some issues, it's already too much. And it has to end. Just sign this and maybe we can hope that Valve will disable this: To get 24 hours and 7 days cooldown after your teammates kicked your FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Did we paid 14 euros so other players over the internet can decide if we won't be able to play the game for 7 days?
If you go solo and you encounter 4 dudes pre-made, they will kick you into the last round of the match because they just can do that. And that affects your cooldown for no reason whatsoever. This seems like an abuse in my book. We need to change this system. I'm more than certain that this happened to many people and it's just not fair. Maybe now we can do something about it.

Join me!

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