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For every 10 people that join the CHOSA nonprofit page, I will donate $1 to CHOSA

I want to create a movement in support of the Children of South Africa. 

So, I've decided to make a personal commitment.  For every 10 people that join the CHOSA nonprofit page on, I will donate $1.

So, lets say 1,000 people join, then I will donate 100 dollars. 
If 10,000 people join, I will donate $1,000 dollars!

I am willing to donate up to $7,500 (for 75,000 people) directly to CHOSA as long as everyone signs up before December 1st, 2007.

I know this is totally possible: I've seen groups on Facebook with over 100,000 supporters.  So please, invite everyone to join this action and join the CHOSA page on!  Help me get the word out by inviting all your friends in your email or on Facebook or Myspace. Start a movement and help raise some money for the Children of South Africa!

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