For CISWO to recognise the Mining Community and Act in the interests of said community

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In the 1920’s coal miners were made to pay for their Welfare facilities through Acts of Parliament. When the Coal Mines were nationalised, the 1952 Miners Welfare Act set up a Charity called CISWO to ensure that coal miners and their spouses continued to receive the benefit from the Welfare Facilities, including the institutes, that had been set up. CISWO has now made a decision and convinced the charities commission that there are no longer any miners and their families. It has decided without consulting the mining community that businesses can make money out of the Miners Welfares. There is no benefit to the mining community however it keeps CISWO employees in post. 

Case Study: Bentinck Miners Welfare

This welfare sold off land in the late 1980’s to developers creating a substantial cash reserve, however rather than consult the mining community CISWO has allowed this cash reserve to be used every year to prop up a failing welfare while allowing a business called Kickstart Academy to make around £300000 a year without putting anything into the accounts and by charging the Welfare for a fireworks display that again put no money in the accounts. Due to the local problems from so many people coming into the area there are problems for local residents. In 2008 the local mining community offered to run the Welfare and make it viable for the community but Donald Brookes at CISWO turned this down in favour of a business making money! The Bentinck Miners Welfare itself losing money every year and the cash reserve will be gone! There has been no investment in the site and the building is becoming in a dilapidated state. We live next to a Welfare and we get nothing but abuse from the people who use it. Instead of the welfare being a benefit to us it has been detrimental to our welfare and this from something that legally was set up in law for us.(Laws that are now being ignored!)

The CEO of CISWO 2018, also refuses to acknowledge the mining community when making decisions about our facilities and funds! They believe what they are doing is legal and that we don’t have any say.

However, profits made by Kickstart Academy show  that the Welfare could be used for the mining community if it was managed properly but the mismanagement and conduct of CISWO will mean our facilities are lost forever.

I am asking members of the mining community to sign this petition to ensure we get our legal entitlement from CISWO and that we have no confidence in the way CISWO is wasting our legacy. The mining community should, in accordance with the Acts of Parliament (the law), be allowed to run the Welfares, where this is not possible the assets should be sold and given back to the mining community that still exists in large numbers. Despite what CISWO would have the authorities believe.

If you having worked in the coal mining industry or are the spouse of someone who has then you can sign this petition.

We should have what is legally ours and CISWO should be prevented from simply looking after themselves to our detriment!

They actually have said we don’t exist and they don’t recognise that there are miners who are under 50 years old. They are just making arbitrary decisions without asking the beneficiaries, us, how we would like the funds spent!

Action required:

Consult the mining community about the welfares.

Engage with miners/spouses within the area to see how the Welfares can be best used to benefit them or sell off the facilities and put back into the pot for the mining community.

Remove from office people in CISWO not working for the Miners’ interests.



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