Relaunch BetoForAmerica. KamalaForVP. BookerForDNCChairman

Relaunch BetoForAmerica. KamalaForVP. BookerForDNCChairman

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Jack Morrison started this petition to For Beto O'Rourke to Reboot his Presidential Candidancy. #BetoForAmerica

It is December 2019. We are now only 10 Months before the General Election. And we are living in Tumultuous times. In the Oval Office, sits a Reckless,Dangerous,Ignorant Demagogue named Donald J Trump. A Failed Businessman,Con Artist, Fake Conservative who LIES about being a Republican when he's a lifelong NYC Liberal,  Cult Leader,Wannabee Dictator who has destroyed our Democracy, Violated the Constitution over and over again, Committed Impeachable Offenses Purposely over and over again and who has made a complete,despicable MOCKERY out of our Diplomacy.

While it is easy to assume, that anyone can take on Donald Trump. This is no walk in the park. The Remaining Candidates the DNC is forcing on us are ALL unqualified to successfully challenge Trump due to lack of Cognitive, Lack of Wide Appeal outside of base, and due to underwhelming personalities.

As a Proud Texan,Conservative, who Loves his Country, I stand alongside Thousands of other #BetoForAmerica Supporters and decry that Tom Perez and the DNC do NOT care about our Democracy. They have driven out better,more broad and appealing candidates like Robert O'Rourke, Sen. Kamala Harris and Senator Cory Booker for underwhelming,unappealing,often mediocre,and Listless Candidates.

This is NOT Democracy. The PEOPLE, the VOTERS decide who the Nominate should be. NOT the DNC. We BetoForAmerica supporters stand with Kamala Harris and Cory Booker and said we will NOT play by your rules. We also Denounce Chairman Tom Perez and declare that he has shown that he lacks the ability to unify the Democratic Party. Thus, Mr. Perez, we are all calling for you to resign and are urging all Primary Voters to join us in calling for his Resignation. You have also proven that you have zero clue on how to win the White House, you lack the broad strategies of Howard Dean. Step Down Tom Perez. Step DOWN.

I and Others feel that the nominee to take on Donald Trump should be Former Rep. Robert Beto O'Rourke. O'Rourke is 47 years old, is the first Rep. Since Abraham Lincoln that can run for President Despite losing the Senate. O'Rourke is the ONLY Candidate Capable of Flipping our Great State of Texas, Capable of Winning The Rust Belt, Putting States like Tennessee and Arizona AND Alabama in Play.

O'Rourke appeals to ALL Voters, Democrat,Republican,Indie. No other Candidate does. And we will NOT give in to the ISIS Style propaganda from the NRA or ALT Right that sensible Gun Regulation is "Violating the 2nd Amendment" when these laws EXISTED during the Reagan,Bush Sr. and Blythe years. as a Texan, and a PROUD supporter of the 2nd Amendment, you DON'T Scare me! We WILL protect or fellow children and unarmed Americans.

There are Millions, Millions of Latina Voters who's Voters need to be Heard. O'Rourke hears these voices. No other Candidate Does. DO NOT Silence the Oppressed, who LOVE this Country or the Immigrants who want to BECOME Citizens who continue to be oppressed and discriminated against.

POC like me are treated like Chess Pieces by the ALT Right. And Mayor Pete has also frequently shown that he does NOT value us or our vote. O'Rourke UNDERSTANDS the Plight of Racial Income Inequality. O'Rourke wants to END this subtle form of Jim Crow that still stands today.

Women's Rights are in DANGER. The Extreme,Partisan Republican Senate is determined to appoint Supreme Court Judges who are hellbent on reversing almost 50 years worth of progress on Women's Reproductive Rights and Contraceptives. O'Rourke is determined to SAVE those rights and stop the Republican Senate Majority by helping other downballot races RESTORING the Democrat Senate Majority that was lost in 2014.

We are calling and URGING these Changes:


1. We want a FAIR Democratic Primary Process and want the VOTERS to pick the nominee. #BetoForAmerica supports O'Rourke, but wouldn't mind is Sen Harris and Booker give it another go alongside O'Rourke. The DNC Roster is the Race the DNC Wants, NOT the People.

2. Tom Perez, RESIGN NOW. Step DOWN. We feel that Senator Cory Booker is the NEXT Leader of the Democratic Party. NOT You. Senator Booker would be PERFECT for the Role of DNC Chairman. You have shown that you don't care about Democracy.

3. Senator Kamala Harris should certainly reconsider and reboot her Presidential Run, although we #BetoForAmerica supporters think Senator Harris would make a Fantastic and Excellent VP as the First Female Vice President and first one of Color, We are asking for a FAIR Democracy in the Primary Process. We do NOT want another 1968 or 1972. Those were DISASTERS for the Party. Especially 1968.

4. Robert "Beto" O'Rourke, if you are reading this Petition, hear my voice and the voices of those who sign this petition, Please Reconsider your 11/1 decision to end your Campaign. Think of ALL the people that need you. The VOICES the DNC has persecuted and silenced who support you. You CAN win the Nomination, as a Fellow Texan, I and ALL of US BELIEVE, TRULY BELIEVE in you and your Campaign. Go and STUDY  Barack Obama's 2008 Nomination Playbook and William Jefferson Blythe's 1992 Nomination Playbook. Like you, in late 1991, Bill Clinton's Campaign was pretty much dead. But he DID NOT give up. And as I mentioned, Do NOT fear the NRA or ALT Right who try to terrorize you with their empty threats and Soviet Style Propaganda. TELL Voters that your Gun Regulation Policies are NOT new and have been done before and were once LAW. Beto, your Supporters are URGING you to FIGHT. Get Back in the Ring, and Fight like you NEVER have before. The Country NEEDS you. #BetoForAmerica #Beto2020


SIGN the Petition Primary Voters and BetoCompadres. Make your VOICES be contested LOUD and CLEAR.




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