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For all big newspapers to have a mandatory 'positive world news' section

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Do you ever find yourself feeling depressed, scared or angry after reading mainstream media news articles?

I'm sure most of us do, because the news is ultimately a source to read/watch all the negativity in the world. But, it is of course a highly important asset to the development of political beliefs, understanding of the world we live in, and knowledge. However, there's no balance in reports of death, war and destruction! For every bad thing that is happening in the world there is also something amazing going on...we just aren't told that! Don't get me wrong, I love a happy video of fluffy animals doing cute stuff like the rest of us - and yes, it definitely makes me smile - but it doesn't fill me with hope for the world and the people in it and I think that is what we need. There's beauty in this planet and it's inhabitants and sometimes we need a reminder of that. That's why I want this petition to make it mandatory for big mainstream newspapers (i.e The Independent, The Times, etc.) to have a section dedicated to positive news stories world wide. Life is about balance but we aren't always shown that. 

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