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For a Clean Environment & Strong Economy in Washington, I Stand with Jay Inslee

An overwhelming majority of Washingtonians - 86 percent - see no contradiction between a healthy environment and a strong economy. Yet recently there have been more and more politicians saying we have to sacrifice one or the other.

It doesn’t have to be that way. And Jay Inslee is the only candidate for Washington state Governor who knows just that. Stand with Jay Inslee today, who will fight for Washington clean air, land, water, and public health and grow our economy for the 21st century.

In Congress, Jay Inslee led and passed the first increase in fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks in 30 years, which created a nationwide market for renewable source of energy. This innovative thinking has led to his plan for a clean tech economy that will put tens of thousands of people to work in good-paying jobs.

Electing Jay Inslee for Governor – the strongest environmental advocate in Congress – would be a tremendous victory for our environment, public health, and our state's future.

From Puget Sound to the Yakima Valley to the Columbia River, Jay has a plan for protecting what matters most while building an economy for the future.

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