The prodigal son George Lebese back to Kazier Chiefs

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Rethabile Kgapola
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Recently George Lebese went to MarawaTV for an interview and shared his excruciating chronicles of his exodus of finding a new club. Indeed we understand that players do make mistakes during the course of their careers and George made a few but then he deserves a second chance to prove his worth and play the game that he has always loved as a child growing up at a team (Kazier Chiefs) that he loves dearly.

This petition seeks to serve as evidence to the AmaKhosi family that we as football lovers across the country despite the different teams we may be supporting we would like to see George Lebese back on the field and showcasing his talent once again.

Football should always be viewed as a safe space that has the ability to serve as a catalyst for change in society, therefore it is time that we stand up together as one as the football family ensuring that all players not only George are assisted. Subsequently pleading with the Football Association to start playing an active role in ensuring that players never find themselves clueless until retirement.

However for that to happen players should also meet the Association halfway by remaining disciplined and understanding what is required from them considering the nature of work that they doing. Kaizer Chiefs we hope that this petition shall find you well and resign our prodigal son for him to comeback home.

#LoveAndPeace #GeorgeGoBackHome #HighDisciplineFromPlayers