Save moroccan football from politics

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We are here to bring to the world, the dramatique events happening right now in Morocco, regarding football (soccer). 

We are noticing by alarm, an increase of events using the most popular sport in morocco, football, as a tool used by a political party backed by the richest individual in Morocco, since last year, this person had clearly shown his interest on being the next prime minister of Morocco.

This party is using his members now, as key decision makers in the moroccan football, for his next campaign. 

The president of the moroccan football federation and many of his members are from the same party. 

The presidents of many football clubs are as well recruited by the same party. Specially those who benefit from a large supporting public. 

We noticed as well, inviting a referee, as guest speakers during a meeting organised by this same party. 

By this petition, and to whome it may concern, we would like to express our profound concern and hope to: