Football is for Everybody, No Exceptions.

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“…Football is accepting. Football is everything. Football is for everyone,”


These inspiring words, brought to us courtesy of the NFL for pride month in 2021, splashed across screens around the country to announce the National Football League’s support of all Americans. It was especially meaningful for a sport that has long been considered a source of ultra-conservative machismo to make a stand for a community that is often seen in very opposite terms. One line in that 30 second clip is especially meaningful today…

” Football is transgender.”


As of March 28th in the state of Arizona, football is most decidedly not transgender. That is the day that Governor Doug Ducey signed bill SB 1165 into law and banned all transgender girls from participating in school sports across the state. In so doing, the state of Arizona codified a blatant disregard for the lives and well being of children with wording that bends over backward to deny their very existence. A law that denies basic rights to transgender girls and only transgender girls while never once calling them by name.


Here in Arizona, sports are no longer for everyone.


Next year the biggest game in the NFL is scheduled to take place in Arizona. The super bowl is regularly the most watched event in the nation year after year. It is a massive economic bonanza to the states that host it and one that Arizona no longer deserves to enjoy. Football should be for everybody and the greatest spectacle that the biggest sport in this country has to offer shouldn’t be held in a place where certain kids are banned from playing it.


Please sign here to help get word to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that next years Super Bowl needs to be moved to a place where football truly is for everybody. When a state like Arizona decides to discriminate, it no longer aligns with the values that the NFL wants to model for its fans and the world that is watching. It has the power to make a difference and we are asking them to show us that they mean it, that the NFL does not stand for discrimination in any form.

Please Mr. Goodell, show transgender kids and their families, and all their allies that football belongs to them too. Super Bowls only go where everyone gets to play!

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!