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Reinstatement of the Sports Agent's License !

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Reinstatement of the Sports Agent's License !

On 04/30/2014 FIFA published the Act n#1417 
(*available here) which should be a game changer regarding soccer industry especially for the role of sport agents.

This Act states that player's representation and advisory activities would be reserved to “intermediaries”.

Those intermediaries would not be restricted by any other requirement than a simple registration form filled at their local federation, in addition to a moral agreement statement.

Moreover, the Act recommends that remuneration should be limited to a maximum of 3% over the player gross revenue or transfer fees.

That decision, which is against the European Union engagements, might make the situation worst.

The FIFA inability to resolve current issues such as illegal working agent, resulted in that Act, which seems to be the easiest solution, by making everyone a potential intermediary without taking into account their professional qualifications and legal responsibility as long as they are relegated at their local Federation.

Your federation has decided to follow the Fifa new regulation regarding the intermediaries !

On march, the executive committee of your federation has announced that it will adopt the new norms empowered by the Fifa and at the same time cancel the former regulation regarding players' agents, in used since 01/01/2008.

The legislation regarding the working status of the intermediaries will allow individuals to get involved in the industry, even if they remain ignorant of its unique mechanism.

In France, civil law rules above other regulations dictated by any international federation.
The Sport Code makes it mandatory for sport agent activities to be done by individuals who own a specific working license.
In other words, the French Law will remain informed and nothing will change regarding the licensing system.

The vision and the ethical behavior of our profession must remain collectivist, therefore, the E.A.J.F (Soccer Agent School) must get your attention over the individual decision made by both your federation and the FIFA which is fundamentally against the soccer industry interests.

You, the licensed agents, should not remain indifferent in regard of the decisions made !  Its still possible to resolve this situation, and to return to the former system based on licensing which was designed and developed over the years.

Our actions should come from the major European actors, therefore it must demonstrate that the professionals reject that reform. Each voice counts and yours would be determinant for the future of our profession.

“Getting together is a step, remaining united is an evolution, working hand in hand leads to success. Join US, sign the form and together we will make it change !”

This petition will be given to FIFA & UEFA authority, and to the President and Board of Directors of your Federation.

FIFA Board of Directors
UEFA Board of Directors
DFB Board of Directors
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