Strengthen our food labelling laws to reflect our community needs

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Modern Australia has a different community than it did 40 years ago. We are a lot more diverse, a lot more educated and we make different choices than previous generations.

Many Australians have chosen a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and have a right to know whether the food products they are buying are derived from animals. Diversity wise we have many Hindus, Muslims and Jews, who need to know whether any of the products on the local shelf at the supermarket, for example, contain any beef or pork or shellfish.

However, many times our labelling is woefully inadequate. For example, pick up some Allens lollies and it will say it is made from gelatin. Many people would be unaware that gelatin is derived from animals, sourced from beef or pork. Often gelatin won't say whether it is derived from beef or pork, which can unintentionally result in someone to violating their beliefs. 

We need more transparent food labelling that reflects our modern culture in Australia. It is a consumer's right to know what they are buying and for companies to act responsibly towards consumers.

We need mandatory and clear food labelling graphics/icons on our packaging, simple icons that will denote whether a product is vegan, vegetarian or contains beef, pork or shellfish. 

Australia is in need of a swing back to stronger consumer laws and with your support we can get there by showing Food Standards Australia New Zealand and the concerned Minister that this is an important issue to our country thas has your backing.