We need Safe Quality Food/Value for Money for African Foods Imported in the UK

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Following the Swiss government warning of cancerous palm oil
31/01/2018 - By Le News.

The Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) warned that the colouring substance Scarlet Red (Sudan IV) had been discovered in palm oil. Brand containing the colouring substance are Zomi and Polifuds Palm Oils respectively.

Unfortunately, this has caused concerns in African communities in the UK, as they directly consume these products plus other food stuffs yet, no one has warned us about this until the Swiss Govt warning, emerged!!

In addition, as I type this, there are many packaged food stuffs that are hanging in ethnic shops today, contaminated with micro-organisms that are dangerous to Health yet, consumers are compelled to purchase these contaminated foods as they have 'no choice' and desperate for Home Food. For example there are many packets of decayed and contaminated Dry Fish-Fillet, crayfish etc hung out for sale in ethnic shops up and down the country and these can be checked out right now, by the Authorities.

Because of the implications to our health, we demand an end to this abuse by the Importers/Retailer of these Food stuffs etc. The irony is that the Importers themselves, are aware that the quality of Food they bring over here, in the UK are of a lower quality compared to those back Home - don't we all know it? 

Back Home, we don't buy/consume rotten/decayed dehydrated fish-fillet - do we? And why then, must we consume contaminated/decayed Food stuffs here in the UK?  Since the Importers are able to bring them over to the UK then, they should try and bring high quality foods and not to package rubbish food stuff for us.  As consumers, we consider this to be an abuse to our Health and our intelligence - we are no fools to be treated any how and without respect - we are well informed of our rights and we have a Voice!

Because of their greed/need for high profit margins, these Importers purposely, purchase cheap, decayed and rejected Food stuffs our people back Home would not eat and bring them over here because, they regard us as desperate consumers without choice - this is wrong, and it must stop!

Therefore, we are not saying that our Ethnic Foods be band - "No"! We are entitled to enjoy our Foods just the same way other races enjoy theirs e.g Chinese, Indians, Jews etc however, we demand "Safe, Quality and Value for Money" Food Stuffs. We work hard in the UK - we need safe, quality and clean foods and not contaminated Dirty foods full of human hairs and sands, insects and cockroaches. Most of the times, one open a pack - you'd be shocked to find these elements in the packaged products, why??  It makes me sick to the guts - I don't know about you all as no one has ever spoken out about these abuses, and  ask - why not??.      

For this reason, we would like the Food Standards Agency to inspect and monitor these goods brought brought over here and in addtion - employ the services of Scientific Laboratories such as: Eurofins Scientific, Hygiena and others in testing the products before the Importers would ever consider, packaging/marketing them for public consumption.  On the other hand, the Importers themselves should spend time/patience to process/package their products before marketing otherwise, we would be forced to point to the Law of the Land when we suddenly discover these shocking, dirty and disgusting elements in the packaged foods bought from the shops in this country (thank God, the package products in question, carry their Brand Names/Labels!).

Finally, we hope that the Government Department responsible for Food Quality and Safety here in the Uk will respond positively to our petition because of the Public Health issues that might cause in the long run - the Tax payer and the NHS are likely to bear the brunt.


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