Scrap Best Before Dates for all food items in the UK

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The UK consumer throws away 7.2 million tonnes of food a year which is wasting away in landfill sites. One of the reasons that contributes to this is the confusion between the "Best Before Date" and "Use by Date". The average family spend up to £700 per year on wasted food which is thrown away due to the food item being past its "Best Before Date". Many consumers maybe aware of the difference however a vast number of consumers are still naturally tuned to following the date listed on the item and taking that as the final date for consumption. Therefore we want it to be made easier with no room for confusion with the scrappage of the "Best Before" label.

The FSA point out on their website that:

"....Excessive or unclear regulations, however, place an unnecessary burden on business, and other groups, and so hinder effective delivery of the intended benefits."

But taking a wider view on this subject matter it also puts unnecessary burden on the communities we reside in, the earth we live on, the sea that surrounds and its respective natural resources.

The FSA further acknowledge that there can be confusion in regards to this and have come up with a video:

But this video just shows how over complicated things can get. All we are asking for is for a simple solution to be place. One Date. No Confusion.

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