Lift the 9:30 curfew on restaurants in Connecticut

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Monday November 2nd, the Governor of Connecticut - Ned Lamont put a curfew in place for all restaurants in CT. All restaurants must have zero patrons by 9:30, and are only allowed to stay open for the sole purpose of take out. The state of Connecticut employs around 160,000 restaurant workers. Mothers, fathers, students, career servers and chefs. We are your neighbors, your family and your friends. I implore you to help us keep our doors open. 

Many restaurants have paid thousands of dollars in building barricades between tables. Not to mention extra sanitizing gear, gloves and providing masks for their employees. Currently, restaurants are at 50% capacity and the extended hours have made it almost possible to make ends meet. Not anymore. Many places will not be able to keep their doors open, and FOH, BOH and owners alike will be left figuring out how to pay mortgages, keep food on the table and simply put - how to survive. 

The conference call that Governor Lamont had, simply said that the restaurants would be forced to close at 9:30. For most places means that you cannot take any reservations after 8:00pm. Governor Lamont offered no options for assistance for the restaurants or workers for cutting their revenue and incomes, more than they already have been. He also did not state a deadline for the end of the curfew. Simply shut your doors at 9:30, and hope for business for takeout. 

This can't stand, we need to lift the curfew. The hospitality industry has been giving everyone a sense of normalcy since COVID has began. We have been serving you hot meals, and cold beers on a hard day. We have been welcoming with "how are you's" and genuinely meaning it. We have been the backbone and company that many people have needed through this rough time. If this curfew stands, many of us will not be able to keep our doors open. Please, sign this petition so we can send it to Governor Lamont and save our restaurants. 

If you would like to personally email or call Governor Lamont the information is as follows:

governor.lamont@ct .gov