Lift the 9:30 curfew on restaurants in Connecticut

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Hold Lamont accountable

The following is nonpartisan. In 48 hours we have received almost 5,000 signatures. Thank you for supporting this cause and please read the following. On 10/28 Lamont held a press conference in at Danbury City Hall. He stated: "I go with the CDC, with Dr. [Deborah] Birx when she came [to Connecticut],” Lamont said. "She said the workplace, the schools, even the restaurants, that’s not where the contagion is. It’s informal activities.” A mere 8 days later he imposed curfews on local businesses. There is plenty of information to show that the spread is not coming from restaurants that are following CDC guidelines. Please, continue to bring awareness to this, and hold your lawmakers accountable for endangering your favorite small businesses. Keep Sharing + Keep talking! Thank you again for signing.

Angelique Cannestro
2 years ago