Food - Recreational Fishery NL 2018


Food - Recreational Fishery NL 2018

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Its now June and we have not heard a word as to whether we are going to have our fishery. Last year it was announced May 19, 2017. DFO has had 25 years to study this to death. The monitory value to the NL economy is huge, not to mention the social benefits. In these times, we need this more than ever. People that are involved in the fishery-related endeavors have to order things back in January or even last year. This means serious money to boat builders, the tourism industry, tour companies,  supply chain companies and owners of hotels and restaurants.

It is said, that less than 1% of the NL cod quota is caught in the food/recreational fishery. So it is an irrelevant amount of fish but, it is also is free food and should be our right.

We want the food fishery this year and every year!!

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·       Get on open line (VOCM 1-709-273-5211),

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 ..and say we have had enough of this and want this to be a yearly event that does not get debated every year over and over.

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This petition made change with 2,176 supporters!