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Allow homosexuals to donate their blood


The Red Cross Blood Service claim that 1 in 3 people require blood donations but only 1 in 30 people will actually donate their blood. However, if you are gay you are not eligible to donate blood because homosexuals have a slightly higher chance of contracting HIV according to the Red Cross Blood service.

We all know that homosexuals, heterosexuals and bisexuals are all capable of contracting HIV and AIDS. These STI’s are not sexuality-specific and therefore it is simply discrimination to only refuse homosexuals the right to donate their blood. All blood donations are tested and if any test positive for a STI the blood is not used, but even so homosexuals still can’t contribute.

If we want more blood donors and more lives saved this policy must be removed as it only serves as a disadvantage to those who need blood and it also discriminates against the Gay community. Please sign and share this petition, it can make a difference! 


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