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Ban Alcohol Hand Sanitizers for Children

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The FDA is now concerned, along with Mom’s across the country, which have joined our mission to ban alcohol hand sanitizers for children. Why? Over 19,000 kids were poisoned last year from ingesting alcohol! That 2oz. bottle placed in your child’s back pack is actually the equivalent of drinking SIX shots of 140 proof whiskeys!

There is countless evidence that even young children have been diagnosed as legally drunk and came within two minutes of dying after taking just three sips of an alcohol hand gel.

M.A.S.S. an organization founded by a Mom, Doctor and health and wellness authority, has joined forces with the global organization SAFEKIDS Worldwide to protect children from accidental injuries that took the lives of over 9,500 children last year.

Even if alcohol hand gels are not ingested, they can still end up in the bloodstream via the skin, says the University of Florida and the FDA, who are concerned about the “unknown long term effects" on the body!

Alcohol gels are also highly flammable and used recreationally by kids who unwittingly set fire to their own skin. Heartbreaking is an 8 year-old girl battling cancer who sanitized her hands before doing an art project. The alcohol combusted burned over one third of her body.

So why do millions use alcohol hand sanitizers every day? Well … once upon a time (believe it or not) even leading Doctors prescribed smoking for “opening up the lungs for better breathing” and recommended freely using talcum powder that (like tobacco) has been found to be carcinogenic, and even skin products with microbeads, an ingredient for decades used in everything from skin creams to mouthwashes that was finally banned by the government in January 2016 for the very same reason—dangers to human body; especially children!

Kudo’s to Sweden, who like many Costco’s in the U.S., have taken alcohol gels off the shelves and made them available only for over the counter purchase only. M.A.S.S. (Moms Advocating Safe Sanitizers) is the voice for Moms everywhere who have been alarmed by these facts hidden under the cloak of false marketing. M.A.S.S., is asking Moms across the U.S.A. to unite to educate all Mom’s about the truth, to protect our children from using alcohol-based hand sanitizing products marketed as “safe and effective”—when in fact they can harm the body.

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