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Usage of Chemical for Fruits Ripening

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With a production of 47.8 million tons of fruits India is the largest fruit producer of world.
India is second largest fruit exporter in the world.
India is the exporter of mangoes and bananas in the world.

Naturally ripened Fruits :- Fresh fruits are generally high in fiber, vitamin C and water.
They also have minerals and nutrients.
Regular consumption of fruit is generally associated with reduced risks of several diseases.

Artificially ripened fruits :- They causes various health hazards like memory loss, mental confusion, headaches, stomach problems.
They directly affect on nervous system by reducing oxygen supply to brain.

During the naturally ripening process the fruits emit ethylene along with increased rate of respiration.
Small dose of ethylene is used to induce ripening process under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity.
Fruit ripening using calcium carbide. the usage of calcium carbide as it is dissolved in water, produces acetylene which acts as an artificial ripening agent. Acetylene(C2H4) is found to affect the nervous system by reducing oxygen supply to brain.

All the fruit vendors are using these chemicals to ripening of fruits which affects all human beings. FDA has rules but they are not effective to control the artificial ripening of fruits which is effecting all the human beings. 

We need to save our society to make the rules strict and avoid the chemical ripening of the fruits.

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