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To put an end to the drug, Lupron!

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I was diagnosed in 2007 with stage 4 endometriosis. Before being diagnosed, I was a healthy, happy, energetic, carefree woman. Once diagnosed and after having a laparoscopy performed, I was prescribed Lupron injections for six months. I was prescribed Lupron a total of three times, two of which lasted six months and one which was only a month because I could not take the side effects at all! I had side effects for the other two as well, but not nearly as bad as the last time prescribed. I was given Lupron in 2007, 2012, and 2016.

To this day, I feel horrible and have been diagnosed with various chronic diseases and conditions including, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, adenomyosis, IBS, gastritis, amongst others. From being 100% healthy to a 37 year old who feels more like she is 73 is heartbreaking! I am in such pain all day, every day that I cannot even pick up my 4 year old daughter, go up the staircase without feeling aches and pains, chest pains, and shortness of breath, I have to literally roll out of bed because of the stiffness and aches..... I have zero quality of life!

I was never told that these side effects would linger once finished with the injections. I was told that at the most, I would experience hot flashes and they would linger for only a month or so after finishing the injections. I was told it would help and my pain would subside. I was never told that all the diseases I've been diagnosed with could have been a possibility at all.

Furthermore, it is sad that when I started to feel severe pain back in 2007 before being diagnosed, no doctor ever mentioned endometriosis as a possibility to me. The only time it was mentioned was right before surgery. Once the surgery was performed, I was told I had an endometrioma the size of a cantaloupe (easiest way I can describe it). Endometriosis is a forgotten disease. The "best" treatments I ever hear are Lupron and a hysterectomy. Problem is, Lupron is poison to our bodies and a hysterectomy is not a cure and the disease can still linger on. A hysterectomy is not an easy decision either. Especially for those wanting children, but aren't ready and those wanting more, but aren't ready. Thank God for social media, because it is how I found out why I'm this sick. I questioned if it was genetic, but it wasn't. I finally got my answer why I was so sick....Lupron!  It's not just me because so many women have the same type of issues I do having taken Lupron. They all complain about what I complain about....pain and fatigue. It is so severe at times that I become lethargic and feelings of guilt overcome me, because I cannot tend to my daughter the way I would love to. For instance, going to the park is difficult, because between the pain, fatigue, and even sensitivity to the heat, I cannot take much. My memory is gone. My anxiety levels are out of control because it is frustrating not being able to do what the typical 37 year old is able to do. My patience is short. I find myself snapping at my loved ones, because I am beyond frustrated of feeling this way. I want my life back! I am tired of dragging my daughter to doctor appointments with me, tired of taking medicine, I am tired of feeling tired!

Lupron is the devil's drug and I would want nothing more, but to put an end to it and save women from falling into the same hole I did. I do not want my fellow endometriosis sisters to struggle the way I have and still do since being prescribed Lupron. I want to be their voice and put an end to Lupron! 

Thank you for taking the time out to read my story and I hope it has impacted your life in some way. I ask that you kindly sign this petition and save lives from being destroyed because of this horrible poison. Again, thank you. God bless!

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