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The Government should regulate the price of a mineral water bottle at all places

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Recently I visited a theater in a mall in Pune for watching a movie, in the interval I went to buy a water bottle, before buying a bottle I checked their price card so that they could not charge me extra. On the price card it was written Mineral water bottle is sold at MRP so I gave 100 RS to him and he gave me 500 ML water bottle and RS 60 back. So I asked him that what is MRP of price this water bottle then he said that It is RS 40/. I was really surprised by seeing MRP of water bottle. It was RS 40/. I mean seriously, how can a 500 ML water bottle of normal brand has price of RS 40 i.e. RS 80 for 1 liter?


You can get same water bottle for RS 10/ outside, but as Government is imposing fine to shop keepers for charging extra on water bottle who sell above MRP, these companies come with this new  idea. They writing phrase as “SALE IN SELECT CHANNEL” and inflating prices like this.


Food and Consumer Affairs minister told in last October that “Charging above MRP is violation of the law. But we still see at airports, multiplex and hotels, that packaged water is sold at more than the MRP. This needs to be stopped

Link for the article :


This was case of dual pricing. It is extremely unfair to charge customer like this. They are charging 400% more than the normal price. As they are selling this on MRP customer like me do not have any idea what action should be taken against such malpractices.

This was 2nd time I faced such problem, same has happened with me in Restaurant where they have taken RS 50 for 1 liter water bottle.


Here is the link for 1 more similar story published in Times of India :

If such practices will continue to follow in future then day will come where we will be spending RS 100/ for water bottle at public places like Railway station and Bus stop and we will not able to take any action against these Foreign companies.


I have started a petition asking Food and Consumer Affairs minister to take this matter and regulate price of water bottle at all places. Please sign my petition to support this issue.

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