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Stop the Veterinary Feed Directive from killing animals, farms, rescues and homesteads.

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Animal lovers, bee keepers and small farmers unite! Those of you who farm, homestead, keep bees, work in rescue or care for 4 legged kids and furry pals of all kinds you will lose affordable medically important antibiotics needed to care for the fuzzy creatures we all love. There are less than 1% of America's working population in farming. Food production and farming has gone dangerously low in our civilized society due to hardships such as government regulations and costly oversight that farmers can not afford to keep up with. We are the #1 importer in the entire world of beef, cattle on hoof, swine, and other foods. Many farmers are even leaving the country for greener pastures, where farming is still a free enterprise that will be worth the blood, sweat, and labor required to farm for food. Most of America's farmers must hold another full time job besides farming to just pay the bills and keep their own families fed. Please sign this petition to stop putting our hard working animal care givers, rescues, farmers, bee keepers and homesteaders out of business by stopping the Veterinary Feed Directive. We need to stop this now! This open ended regulation will be removing life-saving, over-the-counter antibiotics from the store shelves and with them also will remove the homesteader, the rescue worker and the small farmer's ability to treat animals who need it. It will change the entire scope of animal care. It will take away their current right to affordably, effectively, and safely treat bees and animals for disease or illness by denying important treatment that is currently available on any feed store shelf. These medicines will soon require costly veterinary prescriptions and in the case of farmers also a costly trip by the vet to document unneeded details about his animals and farm. Many rescues, small farmers, bee keepers and homesteaders must treat their animals themselves because of cost. For food producing farmers, this also saves both the consumer's end cost of the food and the farmer or homesteader's cost of food production and animal care without an outrageous veterinary bill. For the rescue worker these affordable medicines save many animal's lives that otherwise would be more than they could afford. The Veterinary Feed Directive will cause the amount of sick animals to sky rocket. Millions more bees with die when the keepers cannot access affordable medicines. Many of the rescue workers already foot the bill to care for stray and injured animals themselves and cannot afford multiple trips to the vet. Because of cost prohibitive access to healing medication, disease in all animals and in the food supply will rise when the farmer, the rescue worker or homesteader cannot afford to treat the animal via vet prescription only. The cost of food will, in direct relation, go up as sickness and disease treatment becomes unaffordable to small farmers. Untreated sickness means death rates for all animals we love will climb. For consumers this means there will be less food in circulation as well. It will also add a paper or digital log for a national animal and farming  data base that can be used for tracking purposes. A log of information called a Feed Directive must be kept on file at the office of the prescribing veterinarian to receive a prescription. Although only antibiotics used in feed or water are going off the store shelves at first, the open ended regulation could eventually remove all antibiotics used for animals to treatment of illness including injections and bolus. Here is a quote, from the FDA questions and answers page, "What will this mean in practice? Answer: Once these changes are fully implemented, it will be illegal to use these medically important antibiotics for production purposes, period. Instead of having unrestricted over-the-counter access, animal producers will need to obtain authorization from a licensed veterinarian to use these medications for therapeutic uses — for prevention, control or treatment of a specifically identified disease."  You see in there own words, this is not about antibiotics in feed. It is about killing animals, bees, small farms, and homesteads because the cost of care will be unaffordable. Can we afford to continue to loose our animals, bees and food supply to laws that favor corporate greed over rights of humanity?

  Please sign to help stop this horrible and costly regulation that plays corporate favoritism and will kill the rescues, small farming and homesteading operations left in our nation. Our animals depend on us to fight for their best interest. Don't they deserve affordable care? Overpriced medicines are bad for everyone! Our food supply cannot afford to loose any more farms to bureaucracy. This unfair regulation only benefits the rich and big corporate farms who can afford to keep veterinarians on staff that issue prescriptions on demand. It is to take effect Jan 1, 2017 but must be stopped before our food prices go up, animals die and small farmers are put out of business.

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