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Stop pharmaceutical cost gouging and patent abuse in the United States.

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Drug costs in this nation are beyond outrageous. Right now Americans pay more than double what other nations do for medicine. This is bad enough when you have money, but someone who is disabled, elderly, or who is not financially well off this is especially devastating.

The federal government needs to make and enforce laws to stop the games that the drug companies play with patents. They need to find some way to make the costs more comparable to the rest of the world. There needs to be an end  to the gouging the pharmaceutical companies have been doing to the American people. 

For instance, Allergan the makers of Asacol a medicine for Ulcerative Colitis changed the size of the bill and renamed it "Asacol HD" to renew the patent. Then ended the production of the original Asacol therefor they can wait longer for generics to be allowed. This is one of many instances.

Another example is Nexium, which is basically Prilosec inside a different pill. In short AstraZeneca took the active ingredient in Prilosec and put it in a very similar combination of inactive ingredients and called it Nexium to again avoid generics.

The costs of some medicines are just astronomical for me personally. I have good insurance, and my medical costs for Epilepsy and Ulcerative Colitis medicine alone have cost near $6000 in insurance co-pays. This is insane, some of the medicines I take have $99 a month co-pays! When in the deductible phase I had to pay $800 for my 3 month prescription for Vimpat.

(The cost for 3 months of Vimpat is roughly $800 if taking 200mg 2 times a day)

Another medicine I take is called Lialda it costs around $550 per month (if you have no insurance) depending on the pharmacy if you are taking 2 tablets per day. Even with insurance I pay $140 copay.

Insurance is one issue of the equation. Even with good insurance with medicine costs like this, how is one to afford to live? You would think if you have good insurance, that you would not be paying thousands a year for one prescription. However, it is no surprise that of the lobbying groups pharmaceutical firms spend billions lobbying.

I know I am not alone on this issue. I know people who pay $500 a month co-pays for diabetes medicine. I know people with rare life threatening diseases that pay even more than I do.

I understand that some pharmaceutical drugs are expensive, as is research. However, we are paying way too much for these medicines in many cases. These companies are getting away with it, as many of our lawmakers are bought and paid for by their billions of dollars in lobbying. The patent laws they are breaking with medicine should not be tolerated.

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