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Stop hiding harmful, toxic aspartame in our children's food and drinks

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Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that has been BANNED in the USA, yet we in Britain are still utilising it in food and drinks.

Aspartame has many different brand names and is being hidden in foods and drinks under these separate brand names. 

This is disgusting as the health risks associated with aspartame are very concerning and our children are being pumped full of it in "no added sugar" juice drinks that are supposedly better for their health!

British consumers are often unaware of the dangers of this harmful sweetener and those with allergies to this artificial sweetener are suffering. Just one drink containing aspartame gives my husband the most horrific migraines lasting 2-3 days and over the counter pain relief does not help.

There is such little choice of soft drinks to go that do not contain aspartame. Drinks such as lucozade are full of aspartame yet are not low calorie options, children's squash drinks are full of aspartame, chewing gum contains aspartame, Fanta, tango, oasis... The list is endless.

Consumers must have a choice and if aspartame is used, it must be clearly labelled. 

I for one, as a mother would always seek to avoid aspartame containing products for my family as it is a harmful product and the reported dangers of its use are overwhelming. 

BAN the use of aspartame in the UK as it is in the USA. Profit margins over public health MUST not be ignored.

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