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Spread awareness, stop the obesity epidemic in its tracks!

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The obesity epidemic has more than likely impacted someone that you know in your lifetime. Whether it be a friend, family member, or even yourself. I would like to inform everyone about the issues that caused the obesity epidemic and encourage anyone who sees this to at the very least, become more educated about what is really in the food that we are consuming, and how we can eradicate this life threatening issue that the world faces today. 

there are many things that have cause this epidemic to become such a dangerous predicament,  some of which include the fallowing......

  • "Risk Factors" or health issues caused from obesity( diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, etc...
  • advertisements that were created by the food industries to make children believe that unhealthy foods are good for you
  • organizations using incorrect terms and purposely hiding the amount of ingredients like sugar on nutrition labels.
  • companies pricing healthy and unhealthy foods differently,(healthier foods become more expensive) 

 Now that were all aware of some of the many problems that are making this epidemic such a pressing issue,we can become more able to make changes in whatever little, or big ways that we can. I ask anyone who happens to see this petition to please consider signing.Not only to show that this is a concern to others, but to show that you are willing to create change, and encourage organizations like the FDA to ensure the safety of the people. I know that in the grand scheme of things it may not seem that a random article that you happened to find online would be of any real significance but remember, we are stronger in numbers, and with enough determination, even if you think something is impossible, WE can achieve great change! 

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