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Peek spinal implants off the market

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I had a cage that is made of peek implanted in July 2016 it failed to fuse causing 3 additional surgeries until cage was finally removed! There are no allergy tests for peek! At your local allergist office you must get a sample of the peek cage or spacer from the company i was denied this or you can pay $500 for a melissa test from another country! People have had allergic reaction to it! Peek does not grow bone scientifically proven! This cage has caused unnecessary suffering countless surgeries! I will now have pain for the rest of my life like many others that were never told peek was implanted into them! Doctors need to provide patients with pamphlets on what is being used prior to surgery! I was never told even asked doctor and was not provided the information! An allergy test needs to be done prior to these devices being used! No one should suffer like many of us have! And we have reported to FDA and nothing has been done! I urge you to sign this petition so we can stop the suffering these doctors and manufacturing companies are getting rich while our lives get ripped away! Peek is used in many things dental implants, joint replacement, bladder mesh many other medical devices! The FDA knows peek is a problem they told me its being under reported so there isn't enough complaints to pull it off the market simply because people don't know that peek has caused them to not fuse or other problems! Many people have no idea its in there bodies! Doctors are not reporting it either this needs to change no more suffering and pain due to negligence from FDA the doctors the companies making these products! No one is being held responsible for the problems occurring please sign and share we can make a difference on what is put in our bodies!


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