NO more secret ingredients in food sold commercially; packaging must list ALL ingredients.

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Every day people with severe allergies, medical conditions, and dietary constraints and restrictions try to do their due diligence in reading ingredient labels to keep themselves, their families, and children alive, healthy, and safe from harm. This is impossible because not all ingredients in food are required to be labeled in the USA. It may sound hard to believe but it is absolutely true.

Some may not be listed in ingredients as they are a “secret ingredient.” They may not be listed at all or may be listed as spices, natural flavors, or even broth. This practice of allowing secret ingredients is not safe as it is potentially life threatening to those with severe allergies and it negatively effects the safety and/or health of millions of people trying to do everything they can to avoid certain ingredients.

The groups it negatively impacts includes but is not limited to persons and children with documented severe allergies including anaphylactic life threatening responses, IBS, Crohn’s disease, digestive disorders, cancers of any part of digestive system, people required to follow Low FODMAP diets or avoidance diets.

Food groups in this category that may not be labeled are onions, garlic, spices, herbs, and others. Imagine having a child or being a person with severe allergy and life threatening response to alliums (family of food that includes onion, garlic, scallions, etc) and the daily difficulty and terror of trying to avoid a particular ingredient; you read the ingredients and think it is safe, but it turns out they just were not required to list that ingredient. The child or person becomes very ill and chilling trip to the hospital ensues or perhaps the person or child is in bed for next several days ill. Either way, this course of events could have been completely avoided if the ingredients were just listed in their entirety.

This practice is not fair and simply makes no sense from a safety standpoint in commercially sold food.