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List Garlic (all forms) on all ingredients lists

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Garlic is neither an herb or a spice, it is a vegetable and like any other vegetable, people may have sensitivities, an intolerance, or even an allergy to garlic with could have some deadly results if consumed.  

Many people do not realize that garlic is a vegetable so they see garlic listed as a "spice" or "natural flavoring" on their ingredients label which can result in serious side effects should it be consumed by someone who has an issue with garlic.  

Imagine you invite someone to your home for dinner who has a garlic issue.  As the host & chef, you read all the labels, prepare a meal that you are proud of, and serve your guest what you think is a garlic-free meal. BOOM! All of a sudden your guest isn't feeling well, turns out there was garlic in that meal BUT it was hidden under the ingredients label as "natural flavoring."  What should've been a lovely evening just turned into a sad series of events.  It's not your fault, garlic is a vegetable that's been getting the wrong label.  That is what we must change! 

As an individual who suffers from issues with garlic, I have created this petition to ask the FDA & the USDA to have companies list garlic (in any form) on their food labels.  This is not asking companies to list it as an allergen, this is simply asking them to label their product properly so that we know whether to consume it or put it back on the shelf and avoid the side effects of consuming garlic. 

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