Let People Use Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

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Help Needed – Comment on the FDA Website

Petition signers and friends, Thank you for your support! Recently, I filed an official Citizen's Petition with the FDA, and I am asking all of you to leave a brief comment if you can. To view it, click here (which will take you to regulations.gov) and click the "Comment Now" button.  Feel free to share how having cheaper, better, less irritating hand sanitizer would impact your life. If you work for an hand sanitizer company, please talk about how this petition would influence your business too. While the FDA and the CDC have both ignored our online petition so far, this new petition is an official U.S. government document and will definitely be reviewed by FDA staff, who will also consider public comments during the review process. Thank you for helping make a difference and have a great week! -Benjamin Ogilvie    

Benjamin Ogilvie
11 months ago