Hold the FDA accountable for “medications” that kill

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My problem is simple and one that should be an issue for everyone. Why does the FDA continue to approve so called medications with side effects so severe that they account for at least 128,000 deaths a year according to Harvard? 

I myself have Multiple Sclerosis, however almost every option for treating MS also has an equally awful side effect such as PML, heart failure, liver failure, and suicide ideation, just to name a few. How is this helping? Isn’t the point of the medical community to do no harm? 

What about the asthma medications that actually increase the chance of death? Surely I am not the only one who sees this as an issue. 

How about the depression meds that make you suicidal, or epilepsy drugs that cause blindness or actually lower the cognitive ability of children?

I used to work for a company that managed a patient assistance program for cancer drugs... I understand that Big Pharma has their hands DEEP in EVERYONES pockets, but are we seriously going to allow them to continue poisoning us like this? Because not only are they killing us off, we’re paying them to do it.